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Warehouse conversion

Brief: to convert a run-down warehouse into a state-of-the-art logistics warehouse

Project timeline: 6 months

Original condition of the building: the warehouse was run down.  The roof was leaking in places, shutters were not functioning or secure, windows were in need of maintenance.  There was some small offices built in the building and fencing for machinery.  There was an inadequate old heating system and the lighting system needed to be completely replaced.

Major challenges on the job: with a specialist client such as this, it requires a lot of organisation to ensure that the suppliers are able to deliver on time and in a way that does not slow or prevent others from doing their work.

Scope of the project: once the building was stripped down to its skeleton (roughly 6 weeks’ work), it was easier to see the full scope of the work needed.  Gas, water and electrical supplies were upgraded.  The roof was re-done, climate control was installed to ensure storage was kept at the right temperature and humidity, walls and windows were repaired.  New specialized shutters and security doors were installed.  The floor was sand blastered and painted with two-part resin.  The outside was clad.  A specialist gallery wall was constructed to enable the client to safely showcase stored items to their clients.  A small nearby outbuilding was converted into a kitchen an work area for warehouse and visiting staff.

Conclusion: the project was completed on time and lead to future projects with the same client

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